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House Karl
last year
Reminiscent of distant antiquity... Let's get philosophical. Therefore..... Pride yourself not on the volume of material you can absorb and recite, but on the quality of the questions you can ask. Including those you ask of yourself. Seek the truth no matter how painful weather your focus is aimed inward or outward. I submit that the journey towards truth is better defined by having more questions than answers, AND... by not by having answers that can't be questioned. If what I've just said seems vague, glib, or quaint, then I question your ability to think in the abstract and to assign and create meaning when the opportunity is presented. To take a framework of thought and fill in relevant details for yourself as they apply to you. I don't mean to be overly alarmist, because I am also divine...but I think there can be people on this world who would prefer you didn't have the ability to think in the manner I have described. This ain't just for you Guy, it's for anyone who reads it. Cheers friends!